Section A

Use word processor application to answer the following questions; save your work as pdf and upload for grading


Question 1 (SO 1, AC 1)

Identify 8 examples of learner needs that a facilitator must identify when planning for facilitation.           (8)


Question 2 (SO, AC 2)

Explain how a facilitator can cater for learner needs that you identified above.                                      (8)


Question 3 (SO 1, AC 3, AC 7, SO 2, AC 2)

  1. List any 5 resources that a facilitator must have before conducting a facilitation session.           (5)
  2. Identify and explain any two sitting arrangements that the facilitator can prepare to promote open interaction and active participation.  Use diagrams to illustrate.                                                     (6)


Question 4 (SO 1, AC 5, AC 6)

Identify any 5 learner centred facilitation methods that can be used by a facilitator.                                 (5)


Question 5 (SO 2, AC 5)

Tom is an inexperienced facilitator in a leadership workshop. Thandi and Jane are among the participants in the workshop. The two ladies are always at loggerheads in the workplace. Whenever, Thandi comments, Jane will shoot down her point and at the end the argument becomes personal. Tom has asked you to give him some tips of managing conflicts in a group.                                            (8)


Question 6 (SO 3, AC 1)

In your opinion is it important to evaluate learning and facilitation sessions.                                 (5)