Contour Enviro Group runs our environmental education and training through our training academy, called the Contour Training Academy. Our academy is CATHSSETA-accredited (the Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education & Training Authority), FP&MSETA-accredited (the Fibre Processing & Manufacturing Sector Education & Training Authority) and QCTO-accredited (Quality Council for Trades & Occupations) for conservation & eco-tourism skills programmes. Through these accredited programmes, we can support national certificates in field ranger, natural resource guardianship, environmental management, tourism guiding and forestry silviculture. Our programmes have a strong focus on problem solving, leadership and mentorship.

We also work with numerous schools, mostly in the Western Cape in both urban and rural settings, and reach around 1 500 scholars every year, teaching them nature conservation and environmental education programmes that are linked to the national curriculum. We focus in particular on teaching these learners about mountain catchment areas, river monitoring and flora and fauna surveys. We furthermore support hiking and camping programmes for farm children – to inspire them to love the world they live in. By working alongside our local farmers in the community, we help you to become environmentally compliant before you export your produce to international markets, making you more attractive to potential retailers and markets. And as part of our support to farmers, we provide non-accredited training to farmworkers – in particular in the fruit sector.